Adam is a photographer living in Budapest and working across Europe, specializing in capturing the best moments and moods on various events, portraiture and working on commercial projects. Available for event, portrait, advertising and personal commissions world-wide.

Clients include: Allianz, Bistro, Breitling, Bosch, Carlsberg Hungary, Cerbona, CIB, Cholamandalam, Cisco, Commlab, Deutsche Telekom, E.On, Excerpta Medica, ExxonMobil, Famous MGMT, FIBEP, FIRST, Fujitsu, GSK, HPS, Huawei, Jagermaister, Janssen, Jessie J, Kaméleon, KFP, Knorr Bremse, Logitech, LOT, Maggi, Magyar Telekom, Magneoton, Magyar Turisztikai Ügynökség, MOL, T-Systems Magyarország, NEO Property Services, OBag, Pöttyös, Progressive, Skanska, Swatch, Vodafone

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